Things you should know before eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park

Things you should know before eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is filled with so many great features that eloping couples will love it! It makes sense why every description uses the term “epic.” Eloping in this well-known Colorado landscape means taking in the majesty of the mountains, lush meadows brimming with wildflowers, clear alpine lakes, and tempting pathways leading to secret treasures. Your ceremony has an air of majesty and enchantment. As you exchange vows, put your stressful life behind you and savor the romance and beauty. However, just a hundred yards off the usual path, you can find breathtaking views that will make your shots appear as though you are far into the wilderness. After your wedding, you can revel in the bustling urban areas nearby. With ceremony locations that are both difficult hikes and easy walk-ins, no one gets left behind. And the price is reasonable or you also can contact for elopement packages .That is something we believe to be really significant.


What happens if you want everything? If you want to hike as a couple but require a venue for the ceremony that is accessible for your guests, is that okay? That is definitely feasible. We are aware of some fantastic off-the-beaten-path photo locations. Additionally, they can depart, and the party can begin right away!


Your money supports a worthwhile cause, which is an additional fun aspect of an elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park. You say that a lot; how often? You’re helping to support the National Parks. Consequently, it’s a romantic, green elopement spot!


Simply Eloped works hard to make things enjoyable, straightforward, and simple for couples seeking an elopement journey in Rocky Mountain National Park. Please take a look at our Wildflower Packages. Only those who love the outdoors and want an authentic RMNP wedding experience should choose the Colorado Adventure Package.


To learn everything you need to know to be married in the RMNP, keep reading. Hundreds of couples have been married in the park thanks to our extensive experience, so you don’t need to become frustrated trying to understand all the details. We will assist you in making decisions regarding accommodations, the site of your ceremony, the best season and day for you, how to handle permits (or how Simply Eloped will handle them!  ), how to respect the park, and how to find the best vendors (hint: we have the best vendors!). In order to make your Rocky Mountain National Park elopement possible with the least amount of hassle, we will go deepintor every detail or issue and provide you with answers!    


Why choose to elope at National Park?

How do we even begin? In the United States, there is nothing like the scenery. Whatever vision you have of nature, you will find it here: mountains, lakes, waterfalls, meadows, rivers, and cliff faces. Additionally, there is a chance that locals will stop by where there is nature. Not those locals, please. the animal variety! Several couples’ photos have been graced by deer, elk, birds, mountain goats, and smaller animals. The cherry on top? You may invite up to 30 people. If you select one of the more accessible locations, even Grandma can attend your wilderness wedding. Alternatively, if you two are weekend adventurers, you can hike through the mountain views to say your vows.

Be Authentic

Please be aware of what to anticipate. Being shocked when you arrive serves no purpose. There is a reason why RMNP is one of the busiest parks in America. It is also one of the largest, with 265 807 acres of beautiful wilderness. Obviously, this attracts travelers. numerous tourists. Therefore, you should consider the tourists when planning your elopement if you don’t want the possibility of strangers witnessing your ceremony. Alternatively, if you believe that having guests join you in your celebration will enhance the occasion, you can shine at your elopement! Additionally, due to RMNP’s popularity, wedding permits are in high demand. Therefore, you must be aware of this or partner with someone who is. (That’s us, by the way; we handle all the little details!)


Process to legally elope at Rocky Mountain National Park.

You must submit a permit application as soon as possible. We must emphasize this. The best locations are taken up faster than you can say “I do,” and the RMNP only issues a limited number of permits each year. Additionally, the number of weddings that can be held in a given location each day is limited. How then do you go about requesting your Rocky Mountain marriage license? Actually, we strongly advise that you let Simply Eloped handle all of this annoying permit stuff for you. What we do is that.


If you’re determined to go it alone…

  • Choose several locations for the ceremony.
  • Don’t forget to double-check the number of guests allowed and to count your vendors like elopement photographer . (Continue reading, and we’ll assist you with this.)
  • To see if your locations are available ,send an
  • Fill out this form to request a permit.
  • Send the RMNP the application by email. 

Note: Remember that there are 60 permits given each month from May to October and 40 each month from November to April.

Have fun and Simply eloped at Rocky Mountain National Park.

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